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Can’t stop thinking about your business idea?

Maybe it’s time to make it real!



Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I experienced in my marketplace?
  • Am I willing to learn what I don’t know?
  • Am I ready to take the necessary risks?
  • Am I willing to do whatever it takes to succeed?

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It doesn’t matter WHAT you dream, it matters THAT you dream. Most importantly, it matters that you TAKE ACTION.


If you can’t stop thinking about your business vision, take the next step and get the HANDS ON SUPPORT you need. Call for a private and complimentary consultation. Your vision is waiting!

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Quintealia’s Tea Parlor
Launched August 2013


Newbury Country Meats
Launched March 2014


Spear Consulting Services
Launched January 2012


Your Company Name Here
(As Soon As You Make it Real!)

Launcher Testimonials
Susan lives her principles to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in everything she does. She believes in helping people realize their entrepreneurial dreams, and the power of networking to fuel innovation and growth.
After my first meeting with Susan, I knew I had found the right person. Her final report [business plan] was beyond my expectations and her expertise has been invaluable.
Kathy MerholzNew Business Launcher
I have learned how to focus my energy for the good of my business and I am creating a whole new way of being in business. If you are looking to go beyond the norm and dig deeper into who you are and what you truly want to get out of life, as well as find your purpose, then Susan is essential in helping you to reach your full potential. She brings with her not only business experience but also an innate ability to see where others cannot.
Amy BennettpARTners Project
Susan continues to help me shape a dream into a reality. As a business consultant she has been especially creative helping me break down components and with time management. She's been a great compliment to my right-brained thinking!


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